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EURO Currency Index L Candle

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 1  Buy Grid Hedge H cBot 499 n/a
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 3 All Close Non  Indicator 14.99  download
 4  Custom EUR Index L Indicator  9.99  download
 5  Custom AUD Index L Indicator  9.99  download
 6  Custom CAD Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 7  Custom CHF Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 8  Custom JPY Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 9  Custom NZD Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 10  Custom USD Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 11  Custom GBP Index L Indicator   9.99   download
 12  EURO Currency Index   9.99   download
 13  US Dollar Index   9.99   download
 14   EURO Currency Index L Candle  14.99   download
 15   US Dollar Index L Candle  14.99   download
 Daily Open Close Indicator  9.99  download
17  Daily OHLC Indicator  14.99   download
18   Dual Grid Hedge H cBot  19.99  n/a
19  GapV6 cBot  999  n/a 
The EURO Currency Index L Candle was the geometrically weighted average compared to above currencies. 
The formula for the calculation was 34.38805726 multiplied by the product of all components in the basket of currencies.

The index was a ratio that compared the value of the Euro by a currency basket of five currencies:

  • US-Dollar 31.55 percent
  • British Pound 30.56 percent
  • Japanese Yen 18.91 percent
  • Swiss Franc 11.13 percent
  • Swedish Krona 7.85 percent
EURO Currency Index L Candle goes up when the EURO gains "strength" (value) when compared to other currencies.
The EURO Currency Index L Candle draws the current price horizontal line and displays the price above the line to the right side of the chart.