Free and paid cBots and Indicators for cAlgo and cTrader

www.calgocbots.com provides free cBots and free Indicators for educational purposes only.
You can download cBots and Indicators for free, backtest and forwardtest on individual cAlgo and cTrader demo accounts.

Trading Live accounts on cAlgo and cTrader platforms using leveraged products (currency, CFD, Shares, Commodities, Bonds), carries a high level of risk and is not suitable to everyone. This type of trading can generate loses in your trading account greater than your initial deposit.

One of the most popular Indicators - Currency Indices

Custom AUD Index and AUD / USD chart 

cALGO cBots - Custom AUD Index cTrader

Custom EUR Index and EUR / USD chart 

cALGO cBots - Custom EUR Index cTrader

Custom GBP Index and GBP / USD chart 

cALGO cBots - Custom GBP Index - cTrader

Custom JPY Index and USD / JPY chart 

cAlgo cBots Custom JPY Index cTrader