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Volatility Indicators

The Volatility indicators  helps you identify when the market price movements are increasing.
Based on the size of the price movements, there are two different types of volatility: High Volatility and Low Volatility.
Volatility indicators can help us to use the right trading strategy.
Volatility indicators may help us to use the right Money Management by using  the right position size when we place the trades.

List of Volatility indicators in Technical Analysis:
  • Average True Range - ATR
  • Absolute Average True Range - Absolute ATR
  • Absolute Breadth Index - ABI
  • Beta
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Bollinger Percent
  • Chaikin Volatility
  • Relative Volatility Index
  • Standard Deviation
  • Volatility Indexes or Volatility Indices
  • Ulcer index - UI

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