Automated trading vs Manual trading

There are two categories of trading, Automated Trading and Manual trading.
With modern trading platforms, more and more people are trying
Automated Trading instead of Manual trading.
The primary advantage of
Automated Trading is that we get automatic trading signals followed by fast execution of trade.
This process can run simultaneously
across many trading instruments.
One of the big issues that a trader may face is his tendency to be undisciplined under performing tasks.
Automated Trading, you will be guaranteed that the robot will be totally disciplined and will follow the strategy according to your plan.
Usually, it is the ability to follow the trading set-ups (that is what makes a successful trader) the biggest advantages of
Automated Trading versus Manual trading.
Automated Trading prevents fear and greed from affecting trader’s decision.
Emotion is
one of the biggest factors that affects profitability, fear and greed can make the trader to close his positions prematurely or over trade.
In the
Automated Trading process, computer algorithms replace the human element that leads to different emotional status.
Robots can process more data compared to a human trader.
Lastly, the robot does not get tired, they can trade 24 hours a day and all trading days of the week.

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